Consultant: Organizational Development and Compliance Management

Bhakta Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal

Job Type: Consulting Service

Remuneration: Negotiable 

Deadline: 10 April, 2024, 5:30 PM (Nepal Standard time)

Youth Innovation Lab (YI-Lab) is a not-for-profit civic tech company that works at the intersection of emerging cutting-edge technological tools and their applications by equipping young professionals to solve emerging challenges in our community. YI-Lab’s mission statement is, ‘to engage young people to bridge science to people and policy through innovation’. YI-Lab harnesses indigenous knowledge, citizen science approach, develops low-cost technological solutions, promotes open data, promotes entrepreneurship, and conducts evidence-based advocacy campaigns. YI-Lab provides a conducive environment for young people to co-create solutions for inclusive development.

    Required Qualifications

          At least five years of working experience in non-profit organizations/NGOs/INGOs including financial management and compliance and                expenditure verification of projects funded by EU, and other funding agencies;
  • Direct experience of operating at the governance level of one or more organizations at the national, regional, or international level;
  • Proven experience in compliance management and quality assurance of EU-funded projects including financial, procurement, and HR;
  •      Sound analytical ability, good judgment, attention to detail and accuracy, and strong operational focus;     Proven experience in organizational capacity development of NGOs/CSOs; and       Proven operational management experience in the international NGO or NGO or donors.


The consultant will provide guidance for the organizational development and provide advisory inputs on compliance management for the Youth Innovation Lab. Major engagement is mentioned below and linked with deliverables:

  • Task 1  

    Support the ratification & approval process. This includes coordinating with Youth Innovation Lab, SWC, and other representatives to gather and organize the required documentation.

  • Task 2 

    Provide expert legal guidance in the ratification & approval process.

  • Task 3

    Review the internal policies and procedures of the organization, provide recommendations, and help in the development of departmental standard operating procedures.

  • Task 4

    Expenditure verification audit for Nepali Yuwa in Climate Action and Green Growth Project. Consortium Included for the year 2024.


The consultant will work together with Executive Director, Director of Finance and Admin, other directors, proposed project lead of EU project and admin team of YI-Lab. The reviewed policies with clear instructions will be provided in the written format. Further, consultant will ensure the policy and guidelines implementing team will work in the desired direction for the revisions scheduled for April 2024. If required, consultant will conduct direct conversations with corporate lawyer and Financial Policy advisor appointed by YI-Lab. 


The working days will be in total 8 days spread over the period from April 18– April 25, 2024.


YI-Lab will provide remuneration as follows after the submission and YI-Lab approval of the deliverables mentioned in the Scope of Work section. 

  1. 50% of the total contractual amount will be paid after completion and approval of deliverables number (i) and (ii).

  2. The remaining 50% of the total contractual amount will be paid after the completion and approval of the remaining deliverables number (iii, iv). 


10 April, 2024, 5:30 PM (Nepal Standard time) 

Applying Procedure

Interested consultants/consulting firms are requested to submit the technical proposal along with required documents (kindly upload the zipped file with CV, required documents of the firm, VAT registration certification, and latest Tax clearance certificate) to by 10 April 2024, 5:30 PM (Nepal Standard Time). For any queries, contact us at 9851115919.