EOI  /  EOI for Mural Art Consultant

Terms of Reference: Photographer/Videographer                                                                            

Job Type: Consulting Service                                                     Deadline: 6 May 2023, 5:00 PM (Nepal Standard time)

About the organization

Youth Innovation Lab (YI-Lab) is a not-for-profit civic tech company that works at the intersection of emerging  cutting-edge  technological tools and their applications by equipping young professionals to solve emerging challenges in our community. YI-Lab’s mission statement is, ‘to engage young people to bridge science to people and policy through innovation ’.  YI-Lab harnesses indigenous knowledge, citizen science approach, develops low-cost technological solutions, promotes open data, promotes entrepreneurship, and conducts evidence-based advocacy campaigns. YI-Lab  provides  a conducive environment for young people to co-create solutions for inclusive development.  

About the project

Using Climate Change Scenarios to Inform Community-based Adaptations and Planning in Nepal (CCSICAPN) project is funded by Frontier Technology and aims to develop ways to inform and capacitate local government to make use of existing data, policies, and technology to enable local government to implement DRRM and CCA related plans and interventions through data-driven decision making. CCSICAPN is an eighteen-month-long project that is being implemented in Bhotekoshi rural and Rajapur municipalities. Under this project, a mural art event will be conducted in the local school of Rajapur municipality. 


The objective of the consultancy is as follows:

1. Capture and film the process of Mural Art created by the local school children on the flood experiences and circulate the activities of the event in the form of photo story, documentary, videography etc.
2. Highlight the key themes and messages of the mural painting program, particularly those related to disaster risk reduction and flood preparedness.



The photographer and videographer will be responsible for the following:

1. Capture high-quality video and photograph of the program.

2. Edit the footage into a cohesive video that communicates the key message of the mural painting and the importance of disaster risk reduction.

3. Ensure the final outputs, photo and video is of professional quality and meets the required technical standards for online dissemination.

4. Provide all raw footage and a final edited video in a timely manner to the project team.



1. A minimum of 50 high-quality digital photographs of the event. Deliver the edited photos in digital format within 7 days of the event.

2. A final edited video (no more than 5 minutes in length) that showcases the key themes and messages of the mural painting, particularly those related to disaster risk reduction and flood preparedness.

3. The video should be provided in a format that is suitable for online dissemination.


    YI-Lab invites dynamic, enthusiastic, and experienced firm/consultant to apply for the position. The tasks will be implemented by a consulting firm or individual with expertise and capacity to undertake the assignment as described in the tasks. The consulting firm or individual should have a proven track record of delivering high-quality outputs that involve photographs and videos. The consulting firm or individual shall be based in Nepal and firm run by young people will be a plus. 

    Timeframe and supervision 

    The consultancy service is for a one-day mural art event, and the mural art project is expected to be completed within the allotted time frame. The transportation and accommodation of the consultant for the event is not included in the service fee. The consultant will directly report to the project team leader and work together with the project team.   

    Payment Schedule

    50% of the total contractual amount will be paid after the completion and submission of deliverables number 1 and 2  

    50% of the total contractual amount will be paid after the completion and submission of deliverables number 3  

    Application Requirements

    Interested consultant/firm can apply by submitting the following:

    • A technical proposal  including a detailed work plan

    • A financial proposal including consultancy fee

    • CV of artist involved

    • Sample of prior work

    • Copy of firm registration certificate and renewal documents in case of consultancy firm

    • VAT registration certificate.

    • Latest Tax clearance certificate.

      Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

    Application Process

    Interested Consultants/firms are requested to submit the technical and financial proposal along with required documents (kindly upload the zipped file with CV, required documents of the firm, VAT registration certification, and latest Tax clearance certificate) to YI-Lab by 6  May 2023, 5:00 PM (Nepal Standard Time) . For any queries, write to YI-Lab at info@youthinnovationlab.org .